To eliminate dust mites, pollen and polluting particles from our daily atmosphere, one solution exists, and it is the air purifier. In addition to its invisibility, all the complexity of this pollution lies in the large number of pollutants of various types. The sources of indoor air pollution are multiple: some building materials, furniture, air, lifestyle of the occupants, combustion appliances, insufficient ventilation, bio contaminants, allergens, human activity, cleaning products, equipment, etc.

To work well your air purifier and your best portable ac unit must be running continuously and not disturb you during your day. It is impossible to say that purifiers transform our interiors into healthy bubbles, without any more pollutants, and no manufacturer commits itself to that. Most manufacturers commit to an efficiency superior to 99% on pollen and allergens.

There are a few main categories of pollutants. Some pollutants are caused by building materials, furniture, decorative items, products maintenance and DIY. Your air purifiers and your best portable ac unit should also have an extremely quiet night mode that allows you to sleep next to the unit without being disturbed.

Fine particles, we talk a lot about them, but once home, we continue to breathe polluted air and it is even more polluted than the outside air, and of a different nature. The most sophisticated air purifiers are therefore installed on the central heating ventilation system. Concerning pollution as well as bacteria, the air purifier is able to filter them also thanks to a HEPA filter.

If an air purifier is used, these particles are normally treated by the HEPA filter with a very promising level of retention. The air flow and especially the CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate, ie the volume of purified air an air purifier is able to deliver) must be adapted to the size of the room to be treated and even ideally the entire home.

The particles are charged with negative ions in the air and are mechanically fixed to the positively charged surfaces in the house (furniture, walls, etc.). Among these dangerous particles, there are also the famous fine particles, called PM2.5 (2.5 microns and less). They are produced by industrial emanations and road traffic. Indeed, the effectiveness of your product against domestic should depends on the specific use and the choice of device.

An auto mode is particularly practical: the purifier detects the level of pollution and adapts its speed of operation. The active oxygen function allows you to treat your room in depth. In case you need more help on the issue.