Five Pawns eJuice Flavors And Vaping


Five Pawns has been around in the vaping community for only a few years now. They have been in the vaping industry since 2012. But Five Pawn made a huge splash in the vaping industry and they won the hearts of a lot of vapers.

Five Pawns is based in Southern California. Five Pawns is the number one producer of premium vapor liquid. They hand create all of their eliquids making sure their customers get nothing but the best. Five Pawns is also very dedicated to having a quality product and they are committed to giving an alternative to people who want a pleasurable vice with less dangerous consequences is very good.

9143758107_2551a92971_bFive Pawns was the company that first started to ship eLiquid in the 30ml glass bottle that is sealed and is puncture resistant. They also were first to include child resistant caps. They also were the first eLiquid company to update their labels. They were also first to add another step of second packaging so they can keep their eLiquids safe while they are being shipped. They were also first to have their vapor liquids with traceability number on each product they produce and they had included dates on their bottles and their packaging. And they had a mixing system that gives out optimal continuity in their finished product.

Five Pawns eJuice has 12 flavors you are free to choose from. The names are: Black Flag Fallen, Bowden’s Mate, Queenside, Lucena, Absolute Pin, Gambit, Perpetual Check, Fifth Rank, Sixty- Four Castle Long Reserve Edition, Castle Long, and Grandmaster. They also have different editions you can choose from they have the limited edition, the signature edition, and the mixology edition.

The limited edition includes Black Flag Fallen. The signature edition includes: Bowden’s Mate, Queenside, Absolute Pin, Gambit, and Grandmaster. The mixology edition includes: Lucena, Perpetual Check, Fifth Rank, Sixty Four, and Castle Long. Some of the¬†description of Five Pawns eJuice flavors are as follows:

  • Signature Edition Gambit eJuice is a sweet and mellow apple taste with a delicious pie crust, caramel, vanilla ice cream, with a touch of whipped cream.
  • Signature Edition Grandmaster eJuice is a of smooth rich peanut butter, with a banana cream taste with a velvety caramel flavor.
  • Signature Edition Bowden’s Mate eJuice makes you think about the after dinner mint, it also has a touch of crisp mint, with a hint of vanilla.